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119 1st Avenue South, Suite 320
Seattle, WA, 98104
United States


Meet Sara

Sara Nelson is many things:

  • Neighborhood small business owner: Along with her husband, Sara co-founded Fremont Brewery, one of Seattle’s most successful neighborhood small businesses.
  • Experienced policymaker: A former Seattle City Council Aide who helped write and champion key legislation, Sara is the only candidate in the race with legislative experience.
  • Progressive: From living-wage salaries to paid family leave (and free beer!), Sara lives her progressive values through not only her activism – but also how she treats Fremont Brewing’s employees.
  • Environmentalist: As both Council Aide and owner of Fremont Brewery, Sara is a recognized environmentalist with a passion for waste reduction, renewable energy, and eco-friendly business.
  • Pragmatist: Sara has a record of bringing people together – even when they disagree – and making good things happen.  She’s a progressive who understands what it’s like to run a small business, and a business owner who believes in treating her employees right.
  • Mom and Neighbor: Sara and her husband, Matt, live with their two school-aged children (and two friendly cats) in Green Lake.
Sara, with her years of experience as a neighborhood small business owner and her level-headed approach will make the Council’s voice stronger for the all people in our community.
— Greg Nickles, former Mayor of Seattle

The Full Story

Sara Nelson wears a lot of hats.

You might know her as the Beer Lady.  Sara co-founded Fremont Brewing with her husband, Matt Lincecum, ten years ago.  Since then, Fremont Brewing has grown from three people to 55 employees.  Sara offers all of her employees health insurance and paid family leave.  To put it simply, she lives her progressive values.

You might also know Sara as a Seattle City Council Aide.  For eleven years, Sara worked as a policy advisor, crafting key legislation on a range of critical topics.  Sara wrote and advanced environmental legislation that positioned Seattle as a national environmental leader. She brought that knowledge and experience back to Fremont Brewing, which is widely recognized for its sustainability practices.  In fact, Fremont Brewing is one of the top breweries in the country when it comes to water and energy conservation

Sara has never shied away from doing what’s right. She participated in the anti-apartheid movement in the mid-1980s. She protested the CIA on campus and even participated in civil disobedience.  Despite the time as an activist, Sara managed to wear a few other hats…or graduations caps, at least.  She graduated with degrees in Political Science and International Studies, and went on to earn a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Washington.

Sara is more than a troublemaker.  She’s also a leader in the business community.  Sara serves on the boards of the Fremont and Ballard Chambers of Commerce, the North Seattle Industrial Association, and the Envirostars Advisory Committee.  That’s not to mention her leadership in Washington’s beer community, from the Cascadia Grains Conference to the Brewer’s Association Government Affairs Committee.  Sara’s even more of a policy wonk than a beer geek, and she uses her business as a soapbox to effect positive change at every level of government.

Sara Nelson wears many hats but, above all, she’s a leader.  Sara is a leader in business, where she enacts her progressive values while operating a successful neighborhood business.  She’s a leader for the environment.  She’s a leader in policymaking.  She’s a leader who can bring people together – even people who disagree – and get things done. 

Sara Nelson is the leader we need on Seattle City Council.

 Don’t forget to vote Sara Nelson by Tuesday, August 1st.